7d+3h Cured Pork Loin=Goodness

Extremely straight forward wet cured pork recipe. I used a beautiful pork loin I found at the market, and I had frozen marjoram that’s been patiently waiting in my freezer to find a friend. So here is a quick guide for curing 1 pound of pork loin. Or check out a much more in detail post on curing here: DIY Bacon



Vacuum sealer.
Cutting board.
Knife for trimming and prepping pork.
Digital Scale 100gx.01g (enough precision to measure curing salt mix)
Plastic pouch
Cookie pan to catch dripping
Roasting rack/grill



The nicest freshest pork loin you can find. 1 pound.

Dry Cure:

10g sea salt (reduced it a bit, pork loin is leaner and will absorb more salt)
8g brown sugar
3g pink curing salt
0.5g black pepper corns.
0.5g coriander seeds, toasted, ground.
2 cloves crushed.
3 juniper berries, crushed.
8 marjoram springs



01: mix dry cure ingredients in a bowl
02: transfer mix into plastic pouch
03: place loin in plastic pouch
04: rub mix over pork loin thoroughly
05: vacum seal
06: place in fridge
07: the cure will draw some moisture out, this is good
08: for 7 days, turn pouch every day to allow even curing
09: meat should be of a deep pink color
10: take pork loin out of the plastic pouch
11: rinse thoroughly and remove any solids from the cure mix
12: pat dry with paper towels
13: oven 200 °F  place for loin over rack
14: place cookie sheet underneath to catch drippings.
15: bake for 3 hours, turning every hour.
16: allow to cool completely before cutting.
17: or vacuum pack and store in the fridge or freezer.


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