Eggs, Pisto and Pork Bits!

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Eggs, Pisto and Pork Bits!  Yeah, this is gonna be a quick update and a quick recipe. I have finally migrated my old site entirely over to this new .org world. Wasn’t easy. Today I spend the day redirecting URLs, optimizing images, fixing broken links. This the the cool thing about self-hosting. You have […]

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Lamb Shoulder Asada Tacos. Sous Vide 56C 72h. Hoisin Sauce and Chipotle Adobo Sauce.

Lamb Shoulder Asada Tacos. Sous Vide 56C 72h

Counting the seconds to Thanksgiving day but in the mean time no reason to NOT be eating delicious homemade stuff. Specially with this super crap weather we’re having in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Gotta fix my shitty mood somehow. I’ve never made tacos before. I’ve had tacos before. Like a million times. Having lived in LA […]

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Mirepoix 101

A mirepoix is a combination of aromatic vegetables, diced and then subjected to heat to release their flavor and aroma. In french culture, this is the base for many preparations and dishes, stocks, etc. The quantities of onion, celery and carrot vary depending on the use, but the most common one would look something like […]

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