Scrambled Eggs + Potatoes + Mushrooms + Dehydrated Tomatoes + Spinach

Eggs again??? yes… I can’t get enough. Here’s what I did this morning, while going through the fridge, found a few things I could throw together and make breakfast (more like breakfast for lunch). This is like a lazy version of a Tortilla de Patatas and I added a couple of extra goodies in there. Anyways, I’m thinking of reworking the way I present recipes and methodology. Will try to keep it as concise as possible, present ingredients by weight and volume or unit, and also add a tool section, where I list gear which can help prep ahead. This is a really straight forwards recipe:



1 2qrt non stick saucepan.
1 chopping board.
1 container for beating the egg.
1 microwave-safe plastic container.
1 8″ chef knife.
1 silicone spatula.
1 fork.
1 burner (I’m only using 1 pan)
1 sheet of parchment paper.
2 small bowls to hold cooked ingredients.




1 tomato 60g
6 white mushrooms… 100g
3-4 small yukon potatoes, about 200g
2 eggs… 120g
200g baby spinach
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp cream


Wilt spinach in 1/2 tbsp olive oil, reserve.

Slice mushrooms and brown in 1 tbsp butter, reserve.

Slice tomatoes thinly. Lay on parchment paper. Place in microwave. Blast 30-60 secs at a time, opening door to allow moisture to escape. Repeat until leathery.

Dice potatoes, small, add to container, 1/2 way water, microwave until al dente, strain. transfer to a saucepan. Add 1/2 tbsp, medium high heat, sauté until lightly golden. Keep in pan. Low heat now.

Beat eggs and cream. SPTT. (I add 4 pinches of salt here, that’s the final salt content of the recipe)

Pour egg mix into saucepan, and mushrooms, and cook in low heat until mix thickens but remains liquid.

Add tomatoes, and keep stirring with spatula. Mix well, eggs will begin to scramble.

Serve and top with wilted baby spinach.

Some pics showing ingredient preparation:


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  1. love the tools section! I hate reading recipes ahead and often find myself scrambling to find all my supplies while trying to chop, roast, whatever the directions call for! great idea!

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