Corny Tilapia Fish Cakes

This is just a quick and simple fish cake recipe that I have been meaning to post for a while. It’s been sitting in my draft folder with a bunch of other recipes and articles. #bloggerlife.

I used Harina Pan to bring it all together. I love this ground pre-cooked coarse corn flour. It’s ready to go. All it needs is water which in this recipe comes from the ingredients but you can add extra to taste if you like your fish cakes softer. It all cooks in the deep fryer so there’s no need to pre-cook (pan searing) the fish which you could do if you wanted to develop some extra flavor by browning.  Sometimes convenience wins the battle, especially on Sundays. #deepfriedlove

Ingredients (makes about 6 fish cakes):

4 red tilapias 

4-6 basil leafs

16 parsley leafs

2 tbsp heavy cream

1 whole egg beaten

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp sweet paprika

1 tsp salt

1 tsp ground black pepper. 

2-3 Tbsp Harina Pan.


Food process. 

Add all the ingredients and blitz until smooth. The mixture should be sticky but pliable. Harina Pan needs a few minutes to properly hydrate so be patient. The mixture might be a bit runny at first but then it thickens up. If it’s still too runny, add extra Harina Pan one teaspoon at a time. Blitz, rest, check again. 

The patties. 

Shape the cakes into 1 inch-thick disks about 3 inches in diameter. The thicker the patties the longer it will require to cook-through so keep that in mind. You could finish the cakes in the oven or the microwave if you want to go bigger than 1 inch.  Keep reading for ideal internal core temp. 

The deep-fry. 

Harina Pan deep-fries beautifully.  A magnificent crust shall result in the end. Add your fish cakes carefully into your deep-fryer which should have been pre-heated to 350F ahead of time. Fry for about a minute or so. They should be about 75 at the center. 

The slider. 

Hamburger brioche is the vessel of choice here. Some lettuce, maybe sliced tomato and a spicy mayo to finish it up. If you want to venture into the world of homemade mayo and spicy awesomeness then definitely check out how I make my own mayo and how I ferment hot sauces at home which is definitely the best thing in my culinary arsenal yet. 



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  1. wow that photo at the top is gorgeous! I’m going to grab some harina pan. i can find masa harina only where I live. Heck, it would be good in meat loaf!

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