Lamb Shoulder Asada Tacos. Sous Vide 56C 72h. Hoisin Sauce and Chipotle Adobo Sauce.

Lamb Shoulder Asada Tacos. Sous Vide 56C 72h

Counting the seconds to Thanksgiving day but in the mean time no reason to NOT be eating delicious homemade stuff. Specially with this super crap weather we’re having in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Gotta fix my shitty mood somehow. I’ve never made tacos before. I’ve had tacos before. Like a million times. Having lived in LA […]

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Yuca Frita! Yucca Fries! Fried Cassava!

There’s not enough time lately to get back into kitchen adventures of larger proportions due to external and very annoying forces. A simple dish will have to do for now. Simplicity. And simplicity of the simplest kind. A lonely side dish. A vegetarian one too (what’s happening to me…)  Anyways, there’s little time so let’s get into it. […]

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