Waterzooi : Viszooitje : Flemish Fish Stew


Waterzooi. I’ve been looking for interesting seafood recipes. Googled this, and that. I ended up in the images section after typing fish stew (this is usually how I go about finding recipes online, don’t judge.. ok, judge), there was this pic of something that looked amazing, there were mussels, shrimp and a creamy sauce, ..oh […]

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Octopus Galician Style : Pulpo a la Gallega : The Tenderness of a Stubborn Cephalopod

Octopus Galician Style : Pulpo a la Gallega

Another change of plans. Muffins were on the list last night. Why? Because I love baking and my blogger friend Phuong from My Kitchen of Love added this great post on savory muffins which I found inspiring. I have never baked muffins in my life so I figured these would be a great first but the […]

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