Unbelievable Medium Rare Chuck Roast Sous Vide 48h@55C
Sous Vide Scallops, Cauliflower and Brown Butter Tahini Sauce.

DIY immersion circulator

Here are some pics of the first immersion circulator I ever used. Built it form scratch based off a DIY project by Scott Heimendinger feature on his blog seattlefoodgeek.com   Ever since I built it, I’ve been introduced to a new understanding of how heat affects foods. Best 75 bucks I’ve spent. If you wanna […]

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Spherification testing

Sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Basic spherification. Amount of alginate was too high, need to test with half the percentage, I think I went up to 2% Wanna get more sous-vide cooking guides and cool cooking how-to’s in your mailbox? You know what needs to be done! Email We never spam. You should only be […]

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