DIY immersion circulator demise

And finally I ruined my IC. In a stupid attempt at making cheese at home. The coils heated the milk to 70 degrees celsius and the temperature around the coils was hot enough to burn the fat in the milk and create a crust that caused them to overheat and fry. here the photo:

DIY immersion circulator

Here are some pics of the first immersion circulator I ever used. Built it form scratch based off a DIY project by Scott Heimendinger feature on his blog



Ever since I built it, I’ve been introduced to a new understanding of how heat affects foods. Best 75 bucks I’ve spent. If you wanna get serious about cooking, and you are a control freak. this is the path.

Spherification testing

Sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Basic spherification. Amount of alginate was too high, need to test with half the percentage, I think I went up to 2%


Arepas, Corn Flour Goodness.

The process of making arepas is super easy. I have yet to measure the water to flour ratio, i always add water bit by bit until i hit the right consistency. My guess is one cup of flour one cup of water. Corn flour absorbs so much water. Ive been seasoning them with salt and pepper. I add some vegetable oil to the mix, more creamy and chewy. Lately I’ve experimented with adding baking soda and vinegar, makes the arepa rise a bit and become more fluffy.

The simplest arepa recipe I can think of calls for 2 ingredients. Corn flower and water.

This is the corn flower brand I grew up with and still love. I find it at a store near my house: El Camaguey, although I’m sure it can be found in many other stores and there are many other brads, specially mexcian ones, popular in the US. This ingredient is extremely versatile and since it’s precooked, it is ready to go, unlike polenta which needs careful cooking.

Harina PAN contain no additives.


Few things I’d like to try on this post:


1. uneven frying of arepas on a skillet, solve it. Im sure you can get an even browning.

2. oven arepas. No oil, will it brown? I’m sure it will. 400f

3. sour arepas. vinegar, lime. Baking soda?. Done! it actually worked really well.

4. savory arepas. Baking powder. what would happen.

5. sweet arepas. chocolate arepas? papelon? corn goes well with tons of things.

6. mozzarella stuffed bugnuelos. Now that i’ve made my own cheese, this could be fun

7. crispy crackers. Keep oil to a minimum. Herbs.. etc.

8. garlic infused water. Garlic arepas. This could be awesome.

more to come when i get back to this blogging thing 🙂