spicy ginger pork and ramen noodles.

Ok, yes, I got extremely lazy this time and chose the easy way out.  Pork meat already marinaded… as in.. the marinade sits in the pack with the raw pork… roll your eyes all you want but it looked like heaven to me. I haven’t done this in at least 10 years. I remember back in […]

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Butchering Lesson.

Butchering Lesson @ thatothercookingblog.com

Before we go any further I want to warn you. I just participated in the killing of a pig.  I also documented it with pictures. I will do my best to avoid excessively-graphic imagery but as you may know,  the process of butchering an animal is a dramatic event so if you’re not comfortable with this kind of […]

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Top Sirloin and Galician Canned Octopus

title="Top Sirloin and Galician Canned Octopus | thatothercookingblog.com"

  Finished plugging all the social icons I wanted to share and I even spent some time cleaning up my accounts (facebook | twitter |instagram | bloglovin and pinterest!). I have a serious case of OCD these days… I’m sure some will disagree. Just these days? I guess the older I get the worse it becomes. Probably because my memory isn’t as […]

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