Unbelievable Medium Rare Chuck Roast Sous Vide 48h@55C
Sous Vide Scallops, Cauliflower and Brown Butter Tahini Sauce.

Dry Cured Pork Shoulder

dry cured pork shoulder @ thatothercookingblog.com

This is a really popular cut for dry-curing and a personal favorite. I know there’s some mysticism (sometimes a negative aura) surrounding dry-curing meat at home, as in that it might be dangerous, unsafe. I felt that way once and getting over the fear of screwing up or eating something that would make me sick […]

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Cavetools Smoker Box

Yep, review time. This time I got the opportunity to test this cool smoker box from the cavetools guys.  I didn’t have time to do a recipe as part of the review so this is going to be about my experience with using the product but before we begin I need to clarify that I don’t own a charcoal grill […]

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Fennel and Lavender Pancetta

fennel and lavender pancetta @ thatothercookingblog.com

Hey guys, time for another easy dry-cured recipe with wonderful flavor and a ton of uses. I can’t wait to get this thing all golden crispy-ready to go with my sunnies. Let me start by saying that pancetta is very similar to bacon. Pancetta is made from the belly of a pig and dry-cured for […]

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Homemade Dry-Cured Pork Loin

Dry-cured pork loin is one of those fun projects but chances are you don’t have a cellar/basement or a curing chamber and neither do I so please don’t get discouraged and read on. I dry-cure pretty much everything in my closet. Dry-curing isn’t but the simple process of removing moisture from meat by letting it […]

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Sous Vide Garlic Confit : 6h @85c

I got into this stuff when I first started cooking.  During those early garlic-confit days, I was reading a lot about French technique and was collecting a bunch of second-hand books which I would usually buy at Alibris (if you still read physical books and don’t care about buying new that’s a cool site to check out). […]

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Quail Scotch Eggs

Here’s my take on quail scotch eggs. The recipe is rather simple but it does require some attention to cooking times unless you want to serve quail scotch rubber balls. I know it sounds kinda daunting deep-frying a hard-boiled egg, especially a tiny one like a quail egg but it isn’t that hard, like I said, […]

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