Unbelievable Medium Rare Chuck Roast Sous Vide 48h@55C
Sous Vide Scallops, Cauliflower and Brown Butter Tahini Sauce.

Takana Fried Rice

takana fried rice @ thatothercookingblog.com

Hey guys, here’s my humble version of takana fried rice. I’ve had this dish a number of times at Musha: A little Japanese restaurant not far from where I live in the Santa Monica area, LA. They serve traditional homemade style food, warm and cold dishes. The ambience is awesome and I really love that […]

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Cavetools Grill Tongs!

Grilling much this summer? Hope so! And I also hope you have a great pair of tongs to help you with that. I had the pleasure to test and review these awesome tongs by the guys at cavetools.  I have a collection of tongs at home I will admit. They’re one of my main all-purpose […]

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